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Words of Gratitude

Patients share their stories and express their appreciation for the care they received at UHS facilities.

The Horsham Clinic

Their Daughter’s Exceptional Care at The Horsham Clinic Made an Everlasting Difference

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“My wife and I want to express our deepest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for our daughter’s doctor and his outstanding dedication and compassionate care towards our daughter and our family.

We are particularly grateful for the extraordinary care he provided to our daughter, who possesses exceptional intelligence but has faced emotional challenges over the years. His diagnostic prowess and effective treatment methods, tailored to her intellectual, psychiatric, and interpersonal levels, have been nothing short of transformative. With his guidance and support, our daughter has transitioned from an emotionally unstable psychotic state to a regulated and more positively functioning one. His dedication to building trust and understanding her unique needs has been instrumental in her journey towards healing and growth.

More than just a medical professional, her doctor has become a beacon of hope and a true humanitarian in our lives, and we suspect others. His genuine concern for our daughter’s wellbeing and unwavering commitment to meeting our family’s needs have left an indelible mark on our hearts. His kindness, support and care during our time of need have given us strength and reassurance when we needed it most.

Once again, my wife and I extend our sincerest gratitude and utmost appreciation for the unwavering support and dedication to our daughter’s wellbeing. Her exceptional care has made an everlasting difference in our lives, and with heartfelt thanks we will be forever grateful.”

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Wellington Regional Medical Center

Patient is Forever Grateful to Team Members Who Saved His Life

Patient at Wellington Regional presenting staff with stroke pins

Pierre Rodriguez was out and about when he realized something wasn’t right. He couldn’t move the left side of his body and his vision was blurry. After calling 911, EMS brought him to Wellington Regional Medical Center for a stroke alert. After receiving a CT scan, Pierre received Tenecteplase, which is used to dissolve blood clots.

While in the hospital, Pierre wanted to do something special for his care team and presented staff with stroke pins. Pierre shares that he will forever be grateful to the team members who saved his life.

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Cygnet Hospital Bierly

Cygnet’s Music 2 Empower Initiative Has a Life-changing Impact on a Patient’s Recovery

Cygnet, now celebrating 35 years of improving lives, develops a wide range of health and social care services for young people and adults with mental health needs, acquired brain injuries, eating disorders, autism and learning disabilities within the UK. In this video, a young woman at Cygnet Hospital Bierley describes how the Music 2 Empower initiative, which supports music therapy-related projects, has had a life-changing impact on her recovery.

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Watch the video:

young woman talking about her experience with the music program at Cygnet Hospital Bierly