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Letters of Gratitude

Arrowhead Behavioral Health

Phone Call in the Middle of the Night Saves a Life

Arrowhead Behavioral HealthI cannot put into words how much Arrowhead helped me.

I randomly called them in the middle of the night. I had never attempted to seek help for my alcoholism which had been getting dangerously worse for the past 90 days prior to making that phone call.

They answered the phone on the first ring (have continued to maintain that wonderful protocol every time I’ve called since). I spoke to an angel — she listened so patiently and told me to come in right then. She even offered to get me a cab ride. Luckily I had a ride.

When I arrived, I was greeted by [the same angel]. She was just as amazing in person as she was on the phone. I was admitted … I believe this SAVED MY LIFE!!

I have never seen a medical facility where the staff exceeded expectations at such a level that I am left speechless until this very day.

I want to say this to anyone who is so alone and suffering. Don’t hesitate. Go to Arrowhead. Please. It will save your life. I am clean and sober…enrolled in their intensive outpatient program right now, it’s great. I am Alive in the Best Way. I hope someone reads this and takes my advice. I want people who feel so hopeless, to feel like I do now. I feel amazing.

​​​​​​I love this place.

Corona Regional Medical Center

Patient Visited CRMC to Personally Thank Caregivers Who Saved His Life

Corona Regional Medical Center“Simple words will never express the deep appreciation I have for the professional team at CRMC. They say that angels come in different forms. I don’t know.

What I do know is that some of them work at CRMC. Please convey my special appreciation and sincere gratitude to all the special and blessed individuals that kept this guy from leaving this earth too soon.

To those that were at their absolute best when I was at my absolute worst. To Megan, Sarah, Paz, Karen, Jasmine and Anna. Thank you so much for being so caring and compassionate when I was suffering in pain and misery.

To Dr. Pham who took the time to explain to me what was going on inside of me in a way I understood.

And to Maggie, who cleaned my room every day. A blessed soul that understands the true struggles in today’s world.

You all will forever have a special place in my heart. May God truly bless all of you.”

Lakewood Ranch Medical Center

Patient Compliments Cardiologist for Excellent Care

Lakewood Ranch Medical centerI was recently admitted into Lakewood Ranch’s ER as a patient with acute heart failure. The ER team did a great job getting my breathing controlled and stabilized my condition.

I was moved into the ICU where I met the doctor who was managing my overall cardiac issues. After speaking to him, I knew that I was in good hands. He was smart, well trained, experienced, and caring and has a bedside manner that most doctors would look at with great envy. Since meeting and being treated by him at Lakewood Ranch, I switched to him and his practice. I have never come across a doctor of his caliber not anywhere.

He is the shining example of a doctor with experience, and inherent concern for the patient. He truly defines and represents excellence in patient care. It gives me great peace of mind that he is my Cardiologist and he is associated with Lakewood Ranch.

I also had an ER Nurse and an ICU Nurse who also set the bar for the rest of my stay. They were well trained, experienced, skilled nurses whose professional care and expertise had a great deal to do with my fast and total recovery!!! They are wonderful examples of quality health care which has a great deal to do with supporting and maintaining a positive reputation of Lakewood Ranch within the community.

In addition, I would like to thank the other doctors, nurses, technicians, catheterization team, and everyone who had a hand in my total recovery. I am extremely grateful!

Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health

Adolescent Patient Turns to Lincoln Trail for Support and Guidance

Lincoln trail behavioral healthImagine you are a kid with a rough life.
Imagine you made some mistakes.
Imagine you are struggling.
Imagine you are fighting with the dark in your life.
Imagine feeling that nothing can help.
Imagine you lose faith.
Then, Imagine you find the Willows.*
Imagine you become part of a family.
Imagine everyone being so nice and supportive.
Imagine the therapy working.
Imagine becoming stronger and wiser.
Imagine becoming a better person.
Imagine regaining your faith.
Imagine becoming happier.
Imagine turning your life around.
Imagine having a long happy, healthy life.
Imagine being willowsstrong!