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Letters of Gratitude

Chris Kyle Patriots Hospital

Flowers and Card Delivered to Thank Staff

Flowers and Card Delivered to Thank Staff

Thank you all so much for the work that you do. You make the stay away from home bearable and as enjoyable as possible.

You are all amazing and make this hospital what it is for us. Thank you for the never ending support and love.

I hope to never come back.

But if one day I do, I know I will be supported and well cared for by all of you.

Happy Holidays!

I am forever grateful.

Henderson Hospital

Patient Experience Manager Shares Memorable TeleVisitor Patient Story

Patient Experience Manager Shares Memorable TeleVisitor Patient Story

We had a patient in the ICU who was in isolation and on a ventilator. He had a huge and loving family sprinkled around the country. When the family was informed about the ability to communicate via TeleVisitor, they used it almost every day for nearly 3 weeks.

Although the patient was not able to speak or see his family, it was very important for all of his loved ones to be virtually present with him and do all that they could to support him from a distance.

Fortunately, the patient showed great progress in recovery and was eventually removed from the ventilator. The family was excited to watch him improve over time and expressed immense gratitude to the healthcare team for allowing them the opportunity to be present with him throughout his long stay until he was discharged and able to return home to his family.

River Park Hospital

Patient Recognizes Need to Make Change

Patient Recognizes Need to Make Change

My first month and a half here [at River Park Hospital] I was a mess. I said that this program wasn’t going to do anything for me. Granted, I didn’t want to get high anymore, but I also didn’t want to change myself for the better.

I realized I needed to get myself together. I started doing my work and I started doing better. I even became a leader on the unit. I worked hard on my personal inventory. And I’ve come to realize so much with this program. I know that I am a leader and I am going to stay a leader even when I leave here.

I am so thankful for this program and so is my family. You all have helped me so much and I am happy I have all these coping skills. I needed to write this and show you how much you have helped me get to where I am right now.

Thank you!

Texoma Medical Center

Online Review Lauds the Care and Skill of Doctors and Staff

Online Review Lauds the Care and Skill of Doctors and Staff

I was so very impressed with my care and surgeries at TMC. Everyone was so nice and professional.

[My doctors] have taken excellent care of me and I’m so much better since their procedures and surgeries.

I just want to thank everyone from the competent people in the offices handling insurance and paperwork to the highly skilled nurses and doctors who gave me back a quality of life.

And a special thank you to my personal doctor who has helped lead me on this journey of recovery with so much caring and skill.

Thank you all for a superb level of care!

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